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From "Peter M. Goldstein" <peter_m_goldst...@yahoo.com>
Subject [PATCH] NNTP Server fixes
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2002 06:15:00 GMT


This is a patch which attempts to resolve some of the more obvious
problems with the current NNTP implementation.  Some of the corrections

i) Parsing of the LIST command and its extensions was badly incorrect.
The parsing is now correct, with all extensions and wildmat parameters
being set as appropriate.

ii) The GROUP command wiped the previous selected group, even if the
group name passed in didn't correspond to a valid newsgroup.

iii) The auth implementation was completely wrong.  This fix needs
further refactoring, but the whole AuthService architecture was badly
designed.  It does not allow per-connection authentication, which makes
it useless for our purposes.  These changes leave the AuthService class
in place, but move the authRequired configuration to the NNTP server
handler configuration.  The AuthService is unused, and should be removed
completely.  If flexible, pluggable authentication services are desired
in the future, a new interface and implementation should be used.

iv) Added a number of comments.

v) Made the protocol debugging like the SMTP and POP3 debugging.

vi) Fixed an obvious typo in the TLS support for the NNTP server.

Problems that still need to be addressed:

i) Passwords are displayed in the debug log

ii) The code is very un-robust.  Even slightly misformed commands will
lead to nasty errors in the handler.  There is no consistent syntax

iii) The functionality needs a complete sweep to make sure that commands
do what is expected

iv) The code needs a great deal of refactoring to make it correct and


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