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From "Christian Buchegger" <christian.bucheg...@planet-interkom.de>
Subject [PATCH] fields in XOVER containing newline or tab disturb client
Date Sun, 01 Sep 2002 21:20:01 GMT

when experimenting with a larger number of real life articles, I observed the client to stop
headers at a given point. Debugging into this I found out that these articles contained either
newline or tab characters in their titles.

Looking at RFC2980: 2.8 XOVER I found:
>> Note that any tab and end-of-line characters in any header data that
>>    is returned will be converted to a space character.

After filtering these characters from the response the client received the headers without
further complains.

The attached patch does this filtering. Also it uses a StringBuffer and a single call to prt.println()
instead many calls to prt.print(). This allowed to trace the communication between server
and client and finally
to find the problem.



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