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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [PATCH] IMAP - Append Command
Date Sun, 01 Sep 2002 12:43:53 GMT
Danny Angus wrote:
>>Eeenteresting.  I'll take a look but I tried to build it 2 days ago and
>>I had a holy heck of a time getting it to build.  the build-imap.xml
>>file seems to be expecting a drastically different directory structure
>>and locations than the HEAD.
> it pre-dates big changes that were made to upgrade phoenix.

I think I'm learning this.  I gave up for the night after a few hours of 
trying to solve phoenix barfing and telling me what to do.  I'm probably
going to try the reverse.  Copy build.xml over build-imap.xml versus 
trying to solve all build-imap.xml's issues and try and figure out what 
needs to go in it to make it build the imap stuff.  This should 
be...educational...since I know nothing of phoenix (or to be precise, 
everything I ever read about it was in Latin).  ;-)

>>I don't yet have time to sort this out but
>>my plan is this:
>>1. Get build-imap.xml and build-test.xml to work out of the box when
>>checking out the head -- submit this
> +1
>>2. look into what it would take to move it into the head and submit that
>>  ensuring its fully turn-offable
> Basically its not hard, its a conifg thing, but we *must* be able to deal
> with whatever the conflict in james.java is.

yes.  I'll look at it and report back.

> I still don't think we'll be miving it back into the HEAD until its been
> shown to build *and* work, at least to some degree.
> (I can't get it to work)

Here is what I have to do to get it to work:
1. check out the 2.03a branch
2. muck with those (inc the normal) build files until they can actually 
find ant on unix as advertised (the docs and stuff LIE LIKE DOGS, I just 
don't know what of my tinkering actually worked)
3. update the proposals directory to the HEAD
   3b. optional: rm -rf build dist  (the target mentioned in the doc is 
4. Then follow the instructions (./build.sh -buildfile 

Then you can run the unit tests (./build.sh -buildfile 
proposals/imap/build-test.xml testimap)

The last few tests with fetch commands still fail, but the rest (that 
the unit tests test) seems rational and up to spec.  I'm even able to 
get the folders (more or less) with Ximian Evolution.

I don't think we're far off from basic bare bones functionality.  Just 
some attention to detail (getting the build to work).

At some point if I get stumped would you be willing to take some patches 
to the build, and see if you understand the phoenix issues its griping 



> d.

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