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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [PATCH] IMAP - Append Command
Date Sun, 01 Sep 2002 15:43:33 GMT
Sascha Kulawik wrote:
>>>Eeenteresting.  I'll take a look but I tried to build it 2 days ago 
>>>and I had a holy heck of a time getting it to build.  the 
>>>build-imap.xml file seems to be expecting a drastically different 
>>>directory structure and locations than the HEAD.
>>it pre-dates big changes that were made to upgrade phoenix.
> The changes are done - and it was comitted on Tuesday.

Ehhh?  I check out the head and it doesn't work.

>>>I don't yet have time to sort this out but
>>>my plan is this:
>>>1. Get build-imap.xml and build-test.xml to work out of the 
>>box when 
>>>checking out the head -- submit this
> The build-test.xml will be done by Stefan Schiessling, I'm not a
> ANT-Wizard, so I havent changed the build-file for the IMAP trunk. But
> is this needed, if IMAP will be in the Main trunk ?

It is needed to prove IMAP should be in the main trunk.

>>>2. look into what it would take to move it into the head 
>>and submit that
>>>  ensuring its fully turn-offable
>>Basically its not hard, its a conifg thing, but we *must* be 
>>able to deal with whatever the conflict in james.java is.
>>I still don't think we'll be miving it back into the HEAD 
>>until its been shown to build *and* work, at least to some 
>>degree. (I can't get it to work)
> If you copy the files out of the proposals directory and inside the main
> directory and upgrade the needed files that are redundant with the main
> trunk, it will be full functional. (After that compile James as like
> without IMAP). Currently Ive tested with Outlook and Outlook Express
> with no bigger problems, so you can test all of the features.

I have no need for email viruses.  No chance I'm installing that piece 
of junk on one of my machines.


> Sascha

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