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From "Alan Gerhard" <alan.gerh...@GerCom.Com>
Subject RE: Mailet Logging ==> Jakarta Commons (org.apache.commons.logging)
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 00:46:30 GMT
.... There isn't an issue of log(String)
VERSUS log(String, Exception).  We want both.  My point had been that
because we didn't have any control over log levels in the current version of
the code, we had to make some decisions about what level to set the logger
actually used by those calls.  I felt that at the least if there was an
exception it was important to log it. .....

My misunderstanding; thought the issue was what to log.
My point was that content is indeed very relevant.
Basically, logging is an audit trail of a particular process. In order to be
able to supply a very detailed TRACE level of information down to the
absolute minimal of ALL exceptions, there needs to be a solid methodology
(procedure) of not only when to call the logger object, but also what is
being logged.
For example -
all exceptions are logged with log( EXCEPT, [program/process Id/Location],
all processes log a completion statement with log ( TRACE, [program/process
Id/Location], process_completion_description )
all realignment of values, parameters, use of defaults, etc. log a warning
statement with log ( WARN,[program/process

and everything in between gets similar treatment.

By setting up this type of methodology, the logging (audit trail) becomes
more valuable to system administrators as well as developers.


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