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From "Peter M. Goldstein" <peter_m_goldst...@yahoo.com>
Subject RE: [PATCH] NNTP Server fixes
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 08:44:08 GMT


> I subscribe to the XP view that a requirement for extensive commenting
> sources is in avoidance of writing clear code.

I don't necessarily disagree with this view - on XP projects.  As we
discussed on the list the last time this came up, there are a number of
XP methodologies that are precisely designed to spread the knowledge in
lieu of code commenting (developer rotation, pair programming, design
reviews, etc.).  James developers don't have the benefit of any of these
methodologies, so commenting is correspondingly more important as a tool
for inter-developer communication.

> Obviously this has to be tempered, in a OS project particularly, with
> need to make the code accessable to any would be developer, and
frankly I
> think James own code is not the inscrutable part of this, the steep
> learning
> curve for interested participants is James use of Avalon in all its
> guises.

Speaking as someone who recently came up to speed on the James and
Avalon code, I'd have to disagree with this assertion.  The Avalon code
and lifecycle were very easy to pick up - precisely because Avalon is
very well documented.  I found the James code far more confusing and


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