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From "Peter M. Goldstein" <peter_m_goldst...@yahoo.com>
Subject RE: Extending basic James services (Virtual Hosting)
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 17:57:53 GMT


> I developed some extension to James 2.1a1, which allows virtual
> I decided to extend some of the basic James service classes like
> org.apache.james.James, org.apache.james.pop3server.POP3ServerHandler,
> org.apache.james.remotemanager.RemoteManagerHandler etc.

We'd be very happy to have you participate in a discussion of how we add
virtual host support to James in the next version.  This is a fairly
contentious topic, especially when it involves changes to the core code
(i.e. is not accomplished through mailets) and needs to be fully
designed and architected.  But we'd love to hear your thoughts on the
> MY MAIN POINT is, that in order to make this I should redeclare almost
> private members of the respective classes as protected. Could you
> in your future releases making those members protected by default?
> will
> make James extendable not only by mailets...


There is a very, very good reason not to do things like this.  What
you're effectively asking us to do is to make all of our service and
handler classes public APIs.  That ties our implementation in place.  We
have enough problems maintaining backwards compatibility with the mailet
API.  Doing as you suggest with the classes in the code base would not
only introduce backwards compatibility issues, but would also tie our
hands when it came to redesign.  See "Effective Java" by Joshua Bloch
for a more complete discussion of this issue.

> If you're interested in the exact implementation, look at the attached
> file. It contains sources and modified configuration files.

I'll be very happy to look at this, after the current release goes out.


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