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From "Danny Angus" <da...@apache.org>
Subject RE: Code change the Apache way
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 10:48:59 GMT
> p.s. I don't know anything about the context of this dicussion :-)
> Cheers, Steve.

Well done then for hitting the nail on the head!

As far as I can ascertain the rules mean this; That although the policy is "comit then review",
and review is subject to lazy concensus (ie  abstention is tacit aceptance) changes affecting
architecure, existing functionality or design policy which are likely to provoke comment are
best discussed beforehand and concensus reached, with or without a formal vote on the issue.

If the community is working well discussions will be taking place anyway.

This is one very good reason to keep technical discussions on the list, not behind the scenes,
even where the perticipants feel that it would be of no value to have them in public, perhaps
because they are esoteric, of marginal relevance to the overall picture, or just plain dull.

As far as a veto, I agree with Steves analysis that vetos have to be justified, and that the
only way to remove a veto is by reaching concensus with the vetoer. In the case where concensus
can't be reached, the PMC are there to help resolve issues, but I couldn't imagine resorting
to this drastic step would do much more than harm the community, whatever the outcome.

All of the above helps to reduce the possibility of code yo-yo-ing between two competing designs.


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