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From Charles Benett <charl...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [VOTE] James as an official Apache project
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2002 11:05:22 GMT

I suggest (like Noel) that the inital PMC is all committers.


Danny Angus wrote:

>Now that we've had a chance to digest whats meant by a top level project, I'll subject
you to my opinion, which I've held back so far.
>Basically I'm in favour of proposing james as an apache top level project (tlp), I'm prepared
to take the lead on our proposal, and here's why:
> James has a small yet mature community, we seldom seek recourse to the jakarta PMC, and
equally seldom are we scrutinised by them. We are not the most active project, and I feel
that this sometimes causes James to be disregarded. Likewise, apart from Avalon, we have few
direct ties with other jakarta projects, and little in common apart from the language/platform
and culture (but the culture is Apache)
>The tlp issue is more about management than web-site and mail addresses, I don't believe
that james.apache.org will bring many benefits, but I do think that normalising our managerial
relationship with Jakarta by becoming a sibling rather than a child, and taking official control
of all the issues we currently inherit and "interpret" from Jakarta would benefit James. The
James PMC would be responsible to The Board.
>I do believe that Jakarta is becoming too big to function as a single project, that community
and culture become diluted as you descend the heirarchy and that one solution is for mature
projects leave the nest. Of course other projects are free to make their own choices but as
James consists primarily of the server which is an end-user product I feel that top level
project status, emphasisng its purpose rather then its technology, would suit it well.
>The proposals being discussed on reorg & community include the notion of federated
projects, James, with the approval of the Jakarta PMC, could continue to be associated with
Jakarta, I would like to think that we wouldn't be leaving Jakarta, just growing up. I also
know that James would continue to rely on Jakarta for code, insight and cool thinking, but
we don't need to be a Jakarta sub-project for that.
>It would also give us the opportunity, as Serge mentioned, to better promote our sub-projects,
theres Mailet, and mailets, and there are the beginings of full blown mailet applications.
>So.. we've had time to examine the issues, lets vote.. 
>Should we prepare a proposal for submission to the board, that James be elevated to a
top level project?
>   [ ] +1  I think it's a good idea 
>   [ ] +0  I'll accept the majority decision, stop bothering me
>   [ ] -0  I have reservations 
>   [ ] -1, I don't think its a good idea
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