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From Aaron Knauf <akn...@xtra.co.nz>
Subject Re: MailRepository
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 05:35:45 GMT

> I agree with Noel - I don't understand why the special spool is
> necessary.  Use of a custom mailet to generate your EJB calls seems more
> than sufficient.

See my reply to Noel's post.

>>I agree that repository access needs to be provided, but I do NOT that
> the
>>Repository interface currently present is what ought to be used,
> either by
>>James or by Mailets.  I also agree that whatever the interface to
>>repositories, James and Mailets ought to use the same one.
> I agree with all of this.  I'll take it one step further.  There needs
> to be a way for mailets to access all components provided by the server.
> This should be supported by the mailet API.  If a required component is
> not available the mailet needs to be able to throw an exception on
> startup to notify the mailet container.

I agree that this is the next logical step.  It should be done.

>  > > We would like to be able to define an arbitrary mail repository,
> store
>>>incoming mail into it and process that mail asynchronously.
>>See above.  It sounds as if you team is going about it all wrong.
> Please
>>read through the RemoteDelivery mailet.
> You should be able to do this, but I concur with Noel.  Why would you
> want to do this for your app?

Guaranteed delivery and the ability to back off and wait before a retry 


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