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From "Kris Bravo" <kris.br...@corridor-software.us>
Subject RE: James and LDAP
Date Sat, 23 Nov 2002 14:26:59 GMT

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> From: Peter M. Goldstein [mailto:peter_m_goldstein@yahoo.com]
> Sent: Friday, November 22, 2002 12:06 AM
> To: 'James Developers List'
> Subject: RE: James and LDAP
> Kris,
> > I'm interested in getting James tied into my company's LDAP service. 
> > I know that the documentation update is in progress, so I perused 
> > the source to get a feel for how to do this. That's when I saw this:
> > 
> >  * This clas is a dummy for the proposal!
> > 
> > Having looked through the mail archives as well, and found little
> > chatter about the LDAP support, I am curious to know if it was 
> > deferred or abandoned for a future with JAAS.
> I don't think there has been any active development lately, and I don't
> think it's been because of a conscious deferral for a future with JAAS.
> I think it's basically not been a high priority because of a lack of
> demand.

That's pretty significant information, thanks. I'm a subscriber to the 
philosophy that parting ways with the masses sometimes means you're 
meeting your needs the hard way. Or perhaps the current implementation 
works for most people using an LDAP store? I'll continue to look at 
how the existing code may work for my situation.

> > More importantly though, this one is a need for me, so I'm going to
> > implement it. I would like to get in line with whatever direction the
> > project may already be headed, so I don't create something useless to
> > everyone else. Feedback?
> This is a great time for you to get involved.  Part of the v3 design
> will be a discussion of user repository interfaces.  We're about to
> start those discussions.  An LDAP perspective would be valuable.

Great. I'd be happy to contribute where it's possible.

> If your time frame is short, I'd encourage you to implement the current
> UserRepository interface and check the behavior.  We can then morph it
> along with the other repositories when we do the redesign.

I'll do that. Thanks for the response.

Kris Bravo

> > BTW, great piece of software, it's been very helpful. That's why I'm
> here.
> Glad to hear it.
> --Peter
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