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From "Peter M. Goldstein" <peter_m_goldst...@yahoo.com>
Subject RE: Outstanding tasks for release.
Date Sat, 07 Dec 2002 06:23:36 GMT

Darrell et al,

Here are the remaining tasks for release:

1) Completion of the user documentation - As my recent notice to
james-user stated, there are a couple of omission/inaccuracies in the
documentation.  They are repository configuration information, database
configuration, TLS/SSL configuration.  In addition to
completing/correcting these sections, the whole shebang should be vetted
by a couple of people who are familiar with James and are not me (as I
wrote most of it).

2) Completion of a press release - We need a press release to go with
the actual version release.  I've been toying with this, and have a
partial draft together.  Noel is going to take a look at it, and then
we'll post the whole thing for general review and comment.

3) Update of the version string in CVS - I've got this one.
4) Build of the actual distribution - I've got this one.
5) Tagging of the source tree at this point

6) Update of the distribution directories' README.html
7) Deployment of the release to the release distribution directories

8) Distribution of the press release through channels - Noel has
collected the list of channels and the relevant distribution info.

IMO #1 is the big blocker.  The rest will probably go fairly quickly
once the documentation is up to snuff.  So if people can kick in on #1,
that would be good.


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