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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Date Sun, 08 Dec 2002 00:51:48 GMT
> As an SMTP server, James should notify senders when delivery/process
> can not be performed. My assumption was that this is done in the
> SMTPHandler and not necessarily in the pipeline.

The SMTP Handler returns a success message to the sender when it has
successfully stored the message in the spool.  The pipeline is robust
because it does not remove a message from the spool until it is explicitly
told to, subsequent to a successful transfer elsewhere.

> How can/why would James accept mail before it can verify that
> the mail belongs to it or that it can successfully process it?

As I said before, the default configuration is skewed on the side of spam
prevention.  It robustly processes messages, but when it decides that a
message is in error, it assumes that the sender is a spammer, and does not
notify the sender.  This is a TRIVIAL change to make, and is documented in
the configuration file.  Simply uncomment the lines that look like:

         <mailet match="All" class="NotifySender"/>

and James will notify the sender, assuming that the sender provided a valid
e-mail address.

> why would I accept an email to BOZO@CLOWN.COM when BOZO doesn't have an
> account at CLOWN.COM ??

Because it is permitted to evaluate that after the fact, and you might have
other rules (mappings, etc.) effecting where mail addressed to bozo goes.

> since it doesn't belong here, as a SysOp, I trash it

So change the configuration.

	--- Noel

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