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From "Harmeet Bedi" <harm...@kodemuse.com>
Subject Re: Tag
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 08:43:36 GMT
James is finally out. :-)

The first thing I'd like to write tests and fix for NNTP for a point

Have been looking at a few options for tests. Here is dump.

- Protocol Simulator for testing RFC compilance.
Problem is that it is that tests cannot be easily extended - no

- Writing JUnit test like POP3Test/SMTPTest under testing. This requires a
good nntp client library.
Problem is lack of good NNTP Client library. There is nntp under
commons-sandbox net module but it is not complete. One could work and make
it more complete.

- Other scripting languages like Python.
Python has a an excellent nntp client library. I could write good tests in a
short span of time. I was thinking of using jython.
One problem is the distribution and environment to run tests. If we
distribute jython there is distribution bloat, if we don't the onus is on
the person running tests. This may be easier if we are bundling python for
say mailets. jython does provide a very powerful and interactive environment
and I believe(I thought I saw this) Avalon embeds it too.

Python seems to be the most productive way forward. I was wondering what
everybody thought. I am most inclined to have good tests written and working
in python and not add any python libraries to the distribution. After that
work on improving nntp library under commons-sandbox and then converting to
junit if need be. Alternatively write Junit tests in Jython, but again to
run these tests, python libraries would be required.

One interesting thing is that Python has a good IMAP Client
library.commons-sandbox does not have an IMAP library. Jython may be a good
choice to test IMAP too.


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