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From Aaron Knauf <akn...@xtra.co.nz>
Subject Re: JNDI Mailet Configuration
Date Sun, 02 Feb 2003 02:34:41 GMT

Noel J. Bergman wrote:

>>You have lost me - can you expand on something for me?
>>           Context myContext = new InitialContext();
>>How does a container control what is in the instance myContext?
>The container can establish both the implementation and population of the
>initial context.  To do this per component is a bit more of an issue.
>One solution involves playing with
This is direction my thinking has been going, too.  However, there seems 
to be a number of ways to achieve the per-mailet context thing.

>You can also play around
>with classloaders.  If this were really of interest, we can snarf code from
>Tomcat, which supports per-webapp contexts, as I understand it.
>However, my proposal wasn't an attempt to implement IoC.  
The direction that I have taken this proposal is not intended to 
implement IOC, either.  One aspect of it realises one benefit of IOC - 
IMHO the important one.

>Servlets don't see
>separate contexts, and that is the model closest to the Mailet API.
As far as I am aware, servlets have nothing to do with JNDI.  Is this a 
recent addition to the servlet spec?  (I have not written a servlet in 
about a year, but I wrote a fair few prior to that.)


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