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From Aaron Knauf <akn...@xtra.co.nz>
Subject Re: JNDI for James
Date Sat, 08 Feb 2003 04:55:12 GMT
I concur with all of this.

Given that org.apache.naming is already packaged separately, I'll grab 
the latest stable binary release of the org.apache.naming stuff and use 
that, rather than tomcat CVS.

I'll talk over the approach for achieving a better separation of 
org.apache.naming from tomcat with Remy. I don't mind doing any 
necessary work to achieve that one, because I suspect that some of the 
stuff I write ought to end up similarly located.

As for involving Remy, I will certainly pester him with questions, but 
only after I have had a bit more of a look into it. (There is nothing 
more annoying than questions from someone who has obviously not read the 
docs - especially when they ought to know better! I want to avoid 
putting myself in that category.) On the surface of things, the naming 
code looks like I should be able to just drop it in and fire it up.

I intend to try to knock off a fairly simple phase one in the next few 
weeks. This ought to give us a working JNDI tree and a way to put things 
in there through the use of a configuration file. I will make this a 
separate configuration file to the standard James config.xml, because it 
ought to be generally applicable.

Any fancy classloader stuff and context separation can wait until after 
this. It will bear a little more thinking about and that is best done 
with some experience of the JNDI implementation under our belts.

Lastly, my apologies to anyone (particularly the Avalon crowd) who 
thought my obsolescent rut comment was directed at them. It was not 
intended that way at all, but seems to have been taken that way. The 
intent was simply to point out that making our own build of the naming 
stuff and depending on that was a step toward a hard-to-unmaintain codebase.



Noel J. Bergman wrote:

>I agree that we've reached a suitable consensus to move forward.
>Please use org.apache.james.naming.  JNDI is a Sun trademark.  Yes, parts of
>the code will be an Avalon component, but as you noted other parts will be
>more generic.  We need it here for active development, not in the Avalon
>repositories.  We can deal with any handoff afterwards.
>Tomcat produces three jars related to this issue: naming-common.jar,
>naming-factory.jar, and naming-resources.jar.  Right now org.apache.naming
>is managed with Catalina, either in the Tomcat 4 module, or the newly
>separated jakarta-catalina module.
>We should contact Remy & Co (I'll cc him), and let them know of our plans to
>use the code.  We might ask Remy two questions: (1) about moving commonly
>useable portions of org.apache.naming into a naming sub-project (perhaps of
>Commons), and (2) about his helping out over here a bit, just to help us get
>going with JNDI inside of James.  But from what I see, the code has been
>extremely stable, so I don't know that you should worry about it changing
>out from under us.
>With respect to Avalon that is different, but you also shouldn't worry about
>it.  Those issues are being worked out.  The Avalon Community was in a bit
>of turmoil, but there is very much a new awareness that they have a
>responsibility to support Avalon consumers differently from how it was done
>previously.  And for our part, we will be more proactive about ensuring that
>we are only distributing release copies of their jar files (other than in a
>deliberate test build).
>	--- Noel
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Aaron Knauf [mailto:aknauf@xtra.co.nz]
>Hi again,
>For the moment, I am putting my code in org.apache.james.jndi.  Before I
>get too far down the track, we will need to agree whether this is
>appropriate.  One thing to consider is whether or not this work should
>be specific to James, or whether it should be a commons package, or even
>an Avalon thing.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Aaron Knauf [mailto:aknauf@xtra.co.nz]
>I believe that enough of a consensus has been reached that we can safely
>say that JNDI support will be including in an upcoming James release.
> The details of exactly what it will be used for (and how) are still to
>be finalised.
>I am beginning work on providing a useable JNDI facility, based on
>org.apache.naming.  This will be an Avalon Component.  For the moment, I
>am simply experimenting to familiarise myself with the apache nameing
>code and also with Avalon, so I will develop against the CVS version of
>apache naming.  Moving forward, we will need to agree on the correct way
>to establish this dependency.
>Two things seem obvious to me here:
>   1. We don't want to depend on the whole tomcat project just to get
>      the Naming stuff.
>   2. We don't want to get stuck in an obsolescent rut, as we are with
>      our stone age Avalon release.
>Any ideas on the best way to do this?
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