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From Aaron Knauf <akn...@xtra.co.nz>
Subject Re: Obtaining a reference to a mailet
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 22:23:54 GMT

Mark Imel wrote:

>I'm working on a List Serv that is more extensible/customizable then the
>reference implementation provided with James.  One of the features i've
>added, is the ability to plugin new commands to the list serv manager.

>I wanted to enable the matcher to not have to guess about the currently
>registered commands.  But, the commands are currently registered with the
>list serv manager, and there wasn't an easy way that i could see to inform
>the matcher about the specific commands that the list serv manager
>As a result, i centralized the command lookup mechanism is in the list serv
>manager, and i have the list serv matcher delegate to the list serv manager
>to see if the incoming mail has a valid command.  Based on the lookup to the
>list serv manager, the matcher will return a true or false appropriately.

As far as I can see, you are trying to have the matcher determine 
whether or not a given command is valid, before passing it on to the 
list serv manager mailet.  The more I think about it, the more a think 
that you probably don't need to do this anyway.  If I were you, I would 
only use the matcher to determine whether or not the message is intended 
for the list serv.  If it is, the list serv can then figure out whether 
the command is valid.  (This will let the list serv send back a useful 
error message in the event that a command is specified incorrectly.)

This approach fits in nicely with the "information expert" pattern for 
assignment of responsibilities.  "Assign the responsibility to the ... 
class that has the information necessary to fulfill the responsibility". 
 It also highlights the reason that this pattern exists.  Obtaining the 
necessary information from your command registry is simple when you 
/are/ the command registry.

I am not sure how you are specifying your list serv commands, but it 
doesn't matter too much.  Assuming that they are in one of the usual 
places (e.g. subject, recipient user, etc. ) you should be able to match 
list serv messages with one of the standard matchers.



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