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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: JavaMail as the message store
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 18:10:08 GMT
> I would like to know whether this would work..
> re-write Mail as "public abstract class Mail extends MimeMessage"

That doesn't appear to be necessary, nor solve the problem, and keeps Mail a heavierweight
object than it needs to be, which will slow down spool processing.

But let's asssume, for the sake of argument, that we have some MimeMessage subclass to store
in repositories ...

> we write repository implementations we can pass our Mails
> and any repositories we have written can test and cast the
> messages back to Mails and serialise the metadata.

We have clearly expressed requirements to support *standard* repository formats.  Where in
the repository would we store serialized meta-data, if those formats don't?  That was the
problem I set out to solve with my proposal.

> Noels idea of a meta-data dir is an idea, but what if we're
> using a mix of repository types, including db?

I intended for my proposal to be valid for any JavaMail storage provider that supports folders.
 AFAIK, the only one that doesn't is Sun's POP3 store.  It implements the POP3 protocol, which
doesn't support the notion.  All of the stores that we would use for local message storage
will support subfolders.

> the present repository system may not be great, but it has
> evolved to serve James' requirements.

But it hasn't evolved far enough.  It doesn't support IMAP's needs nor NNTP's needs, and would
have to grow into a JavaMail work-alike to do so.  JavaMail gives us tremendous leverage.
 We just want to address this meta-data issue, and I think we have a workable approach.

	--- Noel

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