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From Aaron.Kn...@vodafone.co.nz
Subject Re: JNDI Mailet Configuration
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 21:10:05 GMT

Thanks Harmeet.  I'll take a look at DSML.

As for JNDI/XML being heavyweight - you are correct.  However, it is no
longer being proposed as part of the Mailet API.  Apparently (based on
Noel's latest comments) it is to be an optional part of the spec.

Note also that any existing J2EE appserver that wants to add a mailet
container to their bag of tricks will already have JNDI, anyway.




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From: "Aaron Knauf" <aknauf@xtra.co.nz>
> 2)    Provide a configuration mechanism for initialising the JNDI tree
> with resources at system startup.  I am thinking that a generic XML
> configuration file for setting resources into JNDI could be used.  (This
> ought to be applicable beyond James.)  Haven't thought this through too
> far, but at a minimum we should be able to create Contexts, set
> primitive values for these attributes, provide pluggability for setting
> non-primitive values (such as DataSources, ThreadPools, or custom
> objects like complex user configurations.).

I think using XML/JNDI for mailet configuration may be heavy weight. A
simple DTD as suggested earlier (by Danny? Aaron ? not sure) may be good

However if JNDI/XML is the direction to take, DSML (or subset) may be good
candidate for Schema. It provides XML mapping to directory information and
there are DSML providers for JNDI.. Spec is at


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