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From Ivan Vecanski <li...@ivecanski.nospammail.net>
Subject Re: the future of James
Date Sat, 29 Mar 2003 20:22:18 GMT

> The little black box I was talking about that is in our office, is an
> Siemens MT 20  (I think it is called) it acts and behaves as a normal 
> gsm-phone and can do everything a normal gsm-phone can do, but it has no 
> display or keyboard :-) it has only a serial connecton (rs232) and a 
> headphone/mic connection..

Siemens M20 is a GSM modem and as you pointed out, you use it through AT
commands or (if you want to avoid the low level mess) an intermidary API like
jSMS. I just started playing around with James and am not really competent to
say whether this should/will be supported or not, but IMHO this kind of
interface doesn't fit into the James picture due to the following reasons:

- AT commands are not standardized. Most of the commands can be used on all
modems, but each modem has some specific commands. I don't think an open source
product would be capable of providing support for all/most of the modems
available on the market.

- I see James as a server component capable of processing large amounts of
traffic. GSM modems, which are today mainly used for SMS, can send/receive one
message in 5-10 seconds.

However, I think SMS capability (email-SMS gataway?) would be a very
usefull fetaure in James, but I would see this implemented through SMPP as
someone already pointed out. There are two open source projects going on in this


I hope this throws a little more light on the issue...

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