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From "Christian Andersson" ...@ofs.no>
Subject the future of James
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2003 14:37:00 GMT
Hi there, I just wanted to make some comments/ideas in here about james 
and such...

First of all, I'd like to thank everybody for their work on james (we 
are not actually using it yet, but We probably will be moving over to 
james and taking care of our e-mails ourself instead of having our isp 
handling it)

Now, I'd like to express some feelings/ideas about the future of james..

james is (if my understanding is correct)an abrevation that stands for 
Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server I'd like for the future this 
abrevation stands for something different "Java Apache Messaging 
Enterprise Server" sicne I would like it if james moved away from beeing 
a e-mail server to becoming a more general message service..

I think I have seen this idea in here also that james should support 
more types of messages then just e-mails and news...

I have also seen talks about jabber in here and I generally think that 
is a good idea, especially if there could be some "crossover talks" 
between the different systems..

ie in comes an jabber message and out goes an e-mail, etc...

I would also think that handlign sms in the same way would be great, for 
example at our office we have a mobile office suite that connects a 
little black box (in princip a mobile phone) to the computer, the 
computer then gets information through a standard serial cable, but it 
can tell the box to do certain things, like phone out, send sms, recieve 
a call, etc...  this device I have managed to get the specs from the 
internet on, and I have been for a while now been thinking of doing some 
java program that uses it... (instead of the program that is included)
attaching james through this so that incomming sms will be delivered as 
e-mails and that we can send small e-mails to a certain user and it will 
take that and send it away as an sms (perheps even mms if that will be 
supported) There are more ideas here, like voicemail, etc...

So in short, james should become more then just a mail-server, it should 
become a messageing server for all type of messages..

I hope that james will travel this way...

I will now request something from you...

Over at openoffice.org there is a groupware project (there is still very 
little work) and they (sun) are talking about a project called "glow" 
which will be a groupware client.. however there is still no talk about 
groupware servers... and I got an idea.. how about if OpenOffice could 
use james as part of the groupware server.. ie for handling all the 
messages (some parts would still have to be in other servers, like 
calendar, filestorage, etc...

so when one of the users over their wrote a lenghty message about how 
one could use an sql-server thingy for messaging 
(and he had some good ideas) I thought directly, this is james....

So my request is the following.. (if there is any interest in this)
could someone of the leaders in here :-) join the OpenOffice groupware 
mailing lists  and talk about james and how it could work as a server 
for the messaging part of the groupware project, perheps even to more 
then just messaging...

btw, I'm not a developer of OpenOffice or James, I'm just a normal user 
with a big interest in these 2 applications :-)

/Christian Andersson

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