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From "Christian Andersson" ...@ofs.no>
Subject Re: the future of James
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2003 21:12:38 GMT

Josip Almasi wrote:
>> I would also think that handlign sms in the same way would be great, for 
> ...
> That would be cool, but would require javamail transport bindings to sms 
> protocols (smpp, smsc...), and AFAIK there's still no open source 
> implementations, as there's no free specifications.

The little black box I was talking about that is in our office, is an 
Siemens MT 20  (I think it is called) it acts and behaves as a normal 
gsm-phone and can do everything a normal gsm-phone can do, but it has no 
display or keyboard :-) it has only a serial connecton (rs232) and a 
headphone/mic connection..

When searching the net, I found the complete protocol for this device on 
siemens homepage, and it is based on the "normal" AT commands that was 
used with those normal analog (isdn too?)  modems, so it is quite easy 
to use...

when someone calls the box sends a "RING" to the computer just like the 
modems did...

anyway, I have had ideas for this little device for a very long time 
now.. only problem is jsut that.. time... if I could just get a month or 
so, I could do some really cool stuff with it... :-)

anyway, back to james..

if james becomes a messaging plattform, then I think SMS would fit like 
a glow on the hand... and I'd be happy to make (providing I get some 
time) something cool for this device and incorporate it into james...

/Christian Andersson

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