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From Brian Wellington <bwell...@xbill.org>
Subject RE: Mystery: Unknown SMTP host exception for a known host
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 21:10:16 GMT
On Fri, 7 Mar 2003, Noel J. Bergman wrote:

> Brian,
> OK, this may explain for Sun the difference in platform behavior.  I'll
> leave JavaMail on this reply to clarify that it is NOT dnsjava, but a
> mis-configured DNS zone file to blame.  After this, though, let's take
> JAVAMAIL-INTEREST off the recipient list, since this is rapidly drifting OT
> for them.  Just reply to the James developers list.
> Your reply clarifies the situation nicely.  The target domain is
> game.mtonline.org.  If I do an nslookup for the MX records on Windows vs
> linux, I get different results.  dig and dnsjava dig show the correct (bad)
> results on both platforms.  Bottom line is everything except for Windows
> nslookup shows:
>   game.mtonline.org.      IN      MX      1
> Windows hides the '.' in nslookup  Attempting to connect to that result
> gives the UHE on linux, but not on Windows.  I concur with you that it is a
> broken DNS zone file, both because of the trailing '.', and because an IP
> address in an MX record violates RFC 1035, 3.3.9.  But it is the '.' that
> causes the exception.
> Thanks Brian.  :-)  Let us know what you think, after you look at it (again,
> let's take JavaMail Interest off the recipient list).

Agreed.  That's an invalid MX record, so there's no reason to believe that
it will work.  Depending on the mail server / dns resolver library, it
might, but it's a broken DNS issue.


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