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From vincenzo.gianferrarip...@praxis.it
Subject RE: Exception calling NotifySender (was in james-user)
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 19:22:11 GMT
>> > you must try the nightly James v2.1.3 build and see if it is
>> > fixed there.
>> Sorry to ask, but where did you say that? :)
>I'm sorry, Vincenzo.  I said it in response to your earlier message on
>james-user@, back when my HD was in for repair.  However, I believe that may
>be the only time I mentioned it to you.  The other times were to Pierre.  My
>sincere apologies.  Actually, I am frustrated with myself for not having had
>time this past month to get out the v2.1.3 release which contains that fix,
>and some others.

Noel, thank you very much for your kind answer.

By the way, I never saw any answer to my message (I was looking for it), and I think it may
have got lost, and it may reflect the problems in the archives. I noticed that there has been
more than one week with very very little traffic on the James lists (someone even "knocked"
to see if they were alive): but it can just be an impression of mine.

I will very soon try with v2.1.3 nightly build and let you know.

Thanks again for all your efforts,


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