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From "Vincent de Lau" <vinc...@delau.nl>
Subject RE: Serializing Users in FilesForwarding mail to NNTP
Date Mon, 21 Apr 2003 00:25:02 GMT
> ... In my (incredibly arrogant tonight) opinion, the
> only thing the filesystem structure is good for is storing message
> files. Any other semantic information should be held in a database where
> it is easy to search for.

Storing messages in a database can be usefull as well, since you could do a
fulltext search on them for instance. With filesystems you can also get into
trouble, for example waste of space because of fs block size and number of
files per directory.

> I also think the 1.2 option of storing the message files in a database
> is (currently) a bad idea. Unless one is running the database on an OS
> with a 64 bit filesystem (which leaves out Win32 and Linux), creating
> large database storage capacity is a real pain because the datafiles are
> limited to 2 GB's and one must aggregate multiple datafiles to provide a
> reasonable amount of storage.

This isn't a problem for MySQL 4 (MyISAM/RAID or InnoDB) or MSSQL.

Vincent de Lau

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