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From "Hontvari Jozsef" <hontva...@solware.com>
Subject AstractRedirect and non-ascii characters
Date Sat, 28 Jun 2003 09:13:34 GMT
Currenlty Forward eats those non-ascii characters in the subject which are
not in the default charset.

The root of the problem is the same as was in GenericListserv. If James
changes the subject the charset information will be lost - if no effort were
made by James to preserve it.

The easiest workaround is to not change the subject, if not necessary.
Currently AbstractRedirect always changes the subject. It should check if no
prefix was given in the configuration, in that case it shouldn't set the

Vincenzo, when I looked at the source at first I thought that the problem is
that Forward returns an empty string instead of null as the prefix value.
Later I noticed that AbstractRedirect does use the empty string to indicate
that no prefix was supplied. Shouldn't we change that to null, it seems to
me that usually null is used in James for this?

Another subject:
I would add the same charset heuristics to AbstractRedirect as I added to
GenericListserv. But this is more then a few lines and maybe it will be used
in a third mailet, so it shouldn't be duplicated. Where should I put the
common code? What about a new class in the mailet package?

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