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From "Tim Stephenson" <...@thestephensons.me.uk>
Subject Re: Axis mailet / matcher
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 13:54:42 GMT

I had not worried about your option 1) for the time being as administative
requests can be configured prior to runtime - obviously this requires server
restart and is less than ideal so it would be great to have a means to do it
dynamically, but it is good enough for a few experiments. I had rather
assumed the obvious option would be to get your option 2 (i) in place and
then configure the server using a web service call.

2(ii) is really what i was looking into - I too believe it would be
incredibly powerful to have such loosely coupled processes requiring nothing
more than email access.

My first thought was simply to have a matcher to identify incoming messages
either by their address or because they contain a soap envelope (content
type seems to be unreliable since the client controls it, though
'application/soap+xml' may be used at some point). The mailet could then
handle them by simply handing off to an Axis engine. This much I have
trialed using the classes in org.apache.axis.transport.mail (basically the
commons-net pop3/smtp clients). This could simply be wrapped as a mailet.

Some questions before I get too carried away!

how should axis engine be started? i dont know avalon at all should it be
another app or would it be better off inside james 'proper'. What hooks
exist for starting the engine this way - is it simply a question of the
mailet holding an engine reference or is there a better option?

i look forward to all your views.


BTW I have not looked into the SOAP2HTTP bridge at all but it seems to me
that Axis has moved beyond the SOAP project in this as in other areas. Axis
has a core engine that is abstracted from the transport. The current axis
mail transport class reads email in a specified mailbox after it is
delivered which is reasonable for supporting arbitrary mail servers, but
James could integrate it much more tightly avoiding the need for polling.

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