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From "Hontvari Jozsef" <hontva...@solware.com>
Subject Re: subject prefix mailet or unaltered recipients in Redirect
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 19:05:55 GMT
> Redirect would insert a new, Redirected, message into the spool.

I wasn't sure that it _always_ does this. I interpreted Vincenzo's email in
this way and the doc isn't unambiquous either.

This should be explicitly documented in Redirect and its descendants
(forward etc.), it is a frequent question on the user's list. I already
added a wiki comment about the endless loops related to this (otherwise
reasonable) behaviour.

>   <mailet match="RecipientIs=xxx@flyordie.com" class="Redirect">
>     <static>true</static>
>     <prefix>[SPAM blackholes-easynet-nl]</prefix>
>     <passThrough>true</passThrough>
>   </mailet>
> Did you mean to have two copies?  The Redirected one, and the original?
> do you want to change passThrough to false?

It should have been false.

> > If you look at the attached message the body seems to be recursively
> > included, this is surprising.
> The default for Redirect is that the inline type is BODY.  Try using:
>     <inline>UNALTERED</inline>

that helped, thanks. This is another case where the Redirect use a different
rule then the "if not specified it is not changed". BTW this should also be
documented. I can submit a patch.

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