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From Eugene Drobitko <eug...@luciddream.com>
Subject Re[4]: Tests of mail list.
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 16:52:04 GMT

NJB> Please keep this discussion on the mailing list.
NJB> Version 2.2.0a3 has all of the changes.

NJB> Are you sure that you are running the new code?
Yes. The james-binary-2.2.0a3.tar.gz was downloaded and unpacked in
new separate directory from previous version .

NJB> If you just put the new SAR
NJB> file in place, it would not overwrite your existing sqlResources.xml file.
No. All files are new.

NJB> If you do not have a separate entry for:

NJB>     <sql name="selectByLowercaseName" db="mysql">
NJB>                 SELECT username, pwdHash, pwdAlgorithm, useForwarding,
NJB>                         forwardDestination, useAlias, alias
NJB>                 FROM ${table}
NJB>                 WHERE username = ?
NJB>     </sql>
The new used sqlResources.xml contains this.

NJB> then you have the old file.  The normal selectByLowercaseName entry has:

NJB>                WHERE lower(username) = ?

NJB> Using that WHERE clause disables the index.  You should not only change the
NJB> create statement for McKoi, but also clone the selectByLowercaseName, using
NJB> whatever you setup as a dbmatcher, e.g.:

NJB>     <sql name="selectByLowercaseName" db="mckoi">
NJB>                 SELECT username, pwdHash, pwdAlgorithm, useForwarding,
NJB>                         forwardDestination, useAlias, alias
NJB>                 FROM ${table}
NJB>                 WHERE username = ?
NJB>     </sql>
Yes, this was made.

Also as modification of SQL strings "CREATE TABLE ... " for making
case-insensitive of "username" for McKoi only.

NJB> Also, simply changing the entries in sqlResources.xml will not change an
NJB> existing table.  You have to modify it manually and rebuild the index, or
NJB> drop the table entirely and recreate it.  In the case of MySQL, that isn't
NJB> necessary, but it is for McKoi.
All tables was dropped for McKoi and for MySQL also.

NJB>         --- Noel

NJB> -----Original Message-----
NJB> From: Eugene Drobitko [mailto:eugene@luciddream.com]
NJB> Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2003 11:43
NJB> To: Noel J. Bergman
NJB> Subject: Re[2]: Tests of mail list.

NJB>> Eugene,
NJB>> The CVS has changes, as does v2.2.0a2
NJB>> (http://jakarta.apache.org/builds/jakarta-james/latest/).
NJB> I found only the version james-2.2.0a3.
NJB> downloaded and tested.

NJB>> Give it a shot.
NJB>> You'll still see slow performance for getUserByName unless you
NJB> customize the
NJB>> sqlResources.xml file for McKoi.
NJB> Yes I saw no performance for McKoi.

NJB>> See http://mckoi.com/database/maillist/msg01981.html.  When you have it
NJB> working
NJB>> well, please submit a patch to sqlResources for McKoi.
NJB> I changed sqlResources.xml for McKoi, as described.
NJB> as I understand, this changes for case insensitive in names.
NJB> Re-tested and but now no changed seen.

NJB> Then I tested this version for MySQL database.
NJB> For MySQL this version also provide the same results as (v2.2.0a1 or
NJB> early).

NJB> Maybe I got not that version? Where I can get a2?

NJB> Eugene

NJB> Best regards, Eugene                          mailto:eugene@luciddream.com

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Best regards, Eugene                          mailto:eugene@luciddream.com

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