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From Maxwell Grender-Jones <MGrenderJo...@email.com>
Subject Imap in James
Date Sat, 21 Jun 2003 15:15:03 GMT
Hi there,

I have been subscribed to the james-dev mailing list for around a week 
now, and have seen no mention of plans for IMAP (impatient of me, I 
know). As I run my own mail server, and frequently wish to access mail 
from many different places, I would not consider using a server that 
didn't have IMAP, however, looking at the clean design of James (vs. the 
'it works brilliantly' of the unix tools, shortly followed by the hell 
of configuring the damn thing), I would really *like* to use it...

Currently, the answer to the 'What about Imap?' question on the website 

IMAP development had been stalled, but has recently attracted new 
activity. IMAP support is scheduled for inclusion in James v3. In the 
meantime, there is experimental code in the repository. If you are 
interested in working on or trying the IMAP prototype code, join the 
james-dev mailing list and let us know.

Firstly, how up to date is this? I certainly couldn't find any imap 
related questions in the dev-archive (and if my browsing of the imap cvs 
tree is correct, there haven't been any commits for at least 3 months). 
If I have been remiss, I'd be silenced by a link referring to imap 
development and plans. If not, I'm interested to know why there are 2 
imap source trees in the proposals directory (although as far as I can 
see only imap2 compiles against the cvs tree), and secondly about what 
plans you have for taking it forwards.

I am a JAVA developer, and feel it's about time I put something back 
into the OSS community (how original..) and was hoping that one of the 
more long standing members of the james community could give me a more 
detailed roadmap for IMAP development than 'Support by v3' :-) in order 
that I might be able to work against those plans.



[M. Grender-Jones              MGrenderJones@email.com]

If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style.

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