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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: Re[2]: Tests of mail list.
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 16:24:55 GMT
Please keep this discussion on the mailing list.

Version 2.2.0a3 has all of the changes.

Are you sure that you are running the new code?  If you just put the new SAR
file in place, it would not overwrite your existing sqlResources.xml file.
If you do not have a separate entry for:

    <sql name="selectByLowercaseName" db="mysql">
                SELECT username, pwdHash, pwdAlgorithm, useForwarding,
                        forwardDestination, useAlias, alias
                FROM ${table}
                WHERE username = ?

then you have the old file.  The normal selectByLowercaseName entry has:

               WHERE lower(username) = ?

Using that WHERE clause disables the index.  You should not only change the
create statement for McKoi, but also clone the selectByLowercaseName, using
whatever you setup as a dbmatcher, e.g.:

    <sql name="selectByLowercaseName" db="mckoi">
                SELECT username, pwdHash, pwdAlgorithm, useForwarding,
                        forwardDestination, useAlias, alias
                FROM ${table}
                WHERE username = ?

Also, simply changing the entries in sqlResources.xml will not change an
existing table.  You have to modify it manually and rebuild the index, or
drop the table entirely and recreate it.  In the case of MySQL, that isn't
necessary, but it is for McKoi.

	--- Noel

-----Original Message-----
From: Eugene Drobitko [mailto:eugene@luciddream.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2003 11:43
To: Noel J. Bergman
Subject: Re[2]: Tests of mail list.

NJB> Eugene,
NJB> The CVS has changes, as does v2.2.0a2
NJB> (http://jakarta.apache.org/builds/jakarta-james/latest/).
I found only the version james-2.2.0a3.
downloaded and tested.

NJB> Give it a shot.
NJB> You'll still see slow performance for getUserByName unless you
customize the
NJB> sqlResources.xml file for McKoi.
Yes I saw no performance for McKoi.

NJB> See http://mckoi.com/database/maillist/msg01981.html.  When you have it
NJB> well, please submit a patch to sqlResources for McKoi.
I changed sqlResources.xml for McKoi, as described.
as I understand, this changes for case insensitive in names.
Re-tested and but now no changed seen.

Then I tested this version for MySQL database.
For MySQL this version also provide the same results as (v2.2.0a1 or

Maybe I got not that version? Where I can get a2?


Best regards, Eugene                          mailto:eugene@luciddream.com

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