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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: Understanding the SMTPHandler Data method
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 03:50:48 GMT

Your message was fine.  No worries.  :-)

I wasn't planning to debate your objectives.  I was just curious.  :-)

With respect to the handler posting, it is in an obscure location:


The command pattern is one of my favorites.  There should be a whole series
of messages on it from last summer in the archives, including some code.
But there isn't a big push to rewrite the current handlers at the moment.
But the command pattern, when fully factored, is a better fit with NIO.

	--- Noel

-----Original Message-----
From: Andrew C. Oliver [mailto:acoliver@apache.org]
Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2003 21:34
To: James Developers List
Subject: Re: Understanding the SMTPHandler Data method

Thanks, I think I understood that.  The other explanation posted I think
answered my question (regarding the headers eating the crlf).  My objectives
are really offtopic.  I'm writing an SMTP JMX service which interacts with
message queues/topics in Jboss.  POP/IMAP will come later.  Note that I
don't wish to debate JMX vs Avalon, J2ee, JMS or any of that...

Please reference me your mail on handlers, I couldn't find it.  I'm
following the command pattern with it.  Each command gets its own class
delegated from the handler.

>> Mail mail = Mail.create(msgIn);
> This is a change to the Mailet API, not the James server implementation.
> do not want to see the Mailet API balkanized.  Do what you want with the
> org.apache.james.* packages in your fork.  In the above case, you could
> Mail mail = MailImpl.create(msgIn);
> and no one would care.  If you do feel that it is necessary to change the
> Mailet Specification, please bring up your proposals for discussion.

No worries, I'm not using the mailet stuff, just happens to also be called
mail.  This isn't an area I'll likely collaborate on.

Like I said, I donĀ¹t want to debate.  I'll be taking code for my stuff, and
I'll donate back where I can.


> --- Noel

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