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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: fix for bug 20370
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 18:18:05 GMT
Kenny wrote:
> I would suggest perhaps changing the error messages. If
> someone is only sending LR instead of CRLF, I think we
> should deny the command, but deny it with an error message
> that tells them they need to use CRLF and gives them a URL
> to learn more (however, that URL should not be the RFC, it
> should be a doc for the unsavvy and the impatient).

I thought I was pretty clear in the error text:

501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments at " + te.position() + ". CR and
LF must be CRLF paired."

Revisions welcomed.  In the meantime, I can add a reference to RFC 2821,
section 2.7.1, and clarify it a bit:

"501 Syntax error at character position " + te.position() + ". CR and LF
must be CRLF paired.  See RFC 2821 #2.7.1."

Steve Short wrote:

> This is exacly what qmail does, with a reference to the RFC in it.

Really?  What version?  I thought that the apache server uses qmail, which
is why I tested it.  I did not get any error.

	--- Noel

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