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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: channels in James?
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 17:07:20 GMT

java.nio is certainly in the plans for James v3 (or later).  I've sketched
out what it will take.  Basically it involves completing an inversion inside
the handlers.  Each time data arrives, a dispatcher figures out for whom the
data is for, and dispatches it.  Switching over to 100% push processing,
instead of pull processing, is the key to java.nio.

I've devised a scheme were depending upon the state a Handler is in, a
Method is registered for handling the data.  In the command state, that
Method aggregates data until CRLF, then dispatches to the correct handling
method.  In the data state, the registered Method (a different one), keeps
feeding the data into a new method that will replace the pull-processing
inside of methods like doDATA.  The handler state has to be encapsulated in
its instance data.  The current code is not too bad, in terms of what it
will take to finish inverting it.  Most of the code is ready, but the
remaining portion epitomizes the 80%/20% rule.  :-)

It should be understood that java.nio is about the number of connections,
not about performance (although there are performance benefits).  Also,
java.nio doesn't support SSL.  I believe that Mark expects to support SSL in
Java 1.5.

So far we haven't had that much demand.  I say that based upon the fact that
we've had only one user raise the issue related to thread exhaustion, which
is controlled in v2.2.0aX.  So, as Serge says, this is not a high priority
right now, although I do believe that we'll want to deal with it in the
James v3 timeframe.

> 1) that blocked I/O operations on server Sockets can be interrupted
>    gracefully

> 2) built in multi threading of connections

Not quite "built-in".  Yes, it is built-in, but that is because of how you
have to use it, not because they provide something for free.

> 3) fancy buffering, somehow more efficient for large traffic

Yes, nio provides much better buffering controls.

	--- Noel

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