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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject James v2.2.0 Status
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 17:36:07 GMT
As can be seen from
http://nagoya.apache.org/wiki/apachewiki.cgi?JamesV2/Plans, James v2.2.0 is
coming along quite well.  None of the bug fixes are critical for most users.
The vast majority of changes are feature and function enhancements.

James v2.1.3 is stable, so I don't see any rush to release v2.2.0.  The
changes need testing to make sure that none of the enhancements have caused
any regressions.

Right now I have v2.2.0a1 on my live server.  So far so good, especially the
fast-fail.  I will probably deploy v2.2a<n> this weekend, which will provide
additional real-world testing of the new changes.  There have already been a
bunch of downloads, so if there are any problems, I hope we'll hear them.

I would like to see Mark Imelshire's mailing list manager included in James
v2.2.0.  Since the rest of the server changes should get some real-world
testing, I don't see that as a problem (assuming that it doesn't take too
long -- Mark?  :-)).

Mail Attributes would also be nice to release in v2.2.0, but were only
implemented for file-based repositories, as I recall.  Søren Hilmer was
hoping to implement attributes for JDBC-based repositories around now, I

Does anyone have any other items that they would like to see included in
James v2.2.0?  I hope that the end of June is a reasonable timeframe to
release v2.2.0 after all enhancements are incorporated and tested.

	--- Noel

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