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From "Diego Pietralunga" <di...@ltt.it>
Subject Build from cvs problem for 2.2.0a8 (was: RE: Problems building James 3.0a1)
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2003 15:06:12 GMT

I followed the suggestions from Vincenzo and using cvsgrab with tag "branch_2_1_fcs" I checked
out what I _think_ it's version 2.2.0a8.
After some (negative) attempts, I'm asking for help to build James 2.2.0a8, since my check
out didn't get the correct build.sh and build.xml (also check-target.ent was missing) and
there was something looking strange with some jar files locations.

Can somebody tell me what is the least painful way to get and build 2.2.0a8?

Note: I'm NO cvs expert.


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