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From "Simeon Kirov" <ski...@worldnn.com>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Accessing arbitrary User properties
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2003 17:12:07 GMT
I'm using James with JDBC UserRepository. In one of my mailets, I had to
extract some user properties, which are not accessible trough JamesUser
interface, but otherwise existed in the database.

To solve the problem I wrote an extension to
org.apache.james.userrepository.DefaultJamesUser and
org.apache.james.userrepository.JamesUsersJdbcRepository as well.

The attached file contains the sources and the modified james-config.xml and
sqlResources.xml files.

Here is a little more information, if you're interested:

Using some of com.nxtras.sbuild.mailext.server.SFUser
getPropertyAsXXX(String key) methods I can read any of the user properties
stored in the database. Here is some example mailet code:

    public void service(Mail mail) throws MessagingException {
        Collection recipients = mail.getRecipients();
        MailAddress recipient = (MailAddress)recipients.iterator().next();

        ComponentManager componentManager =

        try {
            UsersRepository users = (UsersRepository)componentManager

            SFUser user = (SFUser)users.getUserByName(recipient.getUser());
            System.out.println("User "+recipient+";
        } catch (Exception ex) {

In order to use the extensions you should compile sources into james.sar.
Configuration files also should be modified respectively - see attached
sqlResources.xml and james-config.xml, <users-store> section.

To James Project Leaders: if you thing such extension is useful, I'm ready
to move everything under james tree, implement similar behavior for File
UserRepository and make changes in Remote Manager to reflect new User


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