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From "Vincenzo Gianferrari Pini" <vincenzo.gianferrarip...@praxis.it>
Subject RE: Problems with AbstractRedirect and Forward handling
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 08:14:06 GMT
> I have been doing some testing, and come across a problem with the Forward
> mailet with the parameter: <forwardTo>postmaster</forwardTo>.
> The mailet is attempting to create a MailAddress object, failing because
> there is no domain (nor do we do special address translation), logging an
> error and continuing.  Unfortunately, this means that Forward will then
> forward to an empty recipient list, resulting in the message disappearing
> into the bit bucket.
>   (a) Forward should probably understand postmaster and sender
>   (b) If there is a failure to init any entry in the recipient
>       list, we should throw an exception.
>   (d) Forward should require a recipient list.  There is no
>       point to having a null recipient list.
> The issue with (b) is that if we simply discard the entry, then 
> we wouldn't
> even put a copy of the message in the error spool.  It simply disappears.

I see: (a) I forgot to update getRecipients() in Forward during one of my sets of changes
- it's already ok everywhere else - ; (b) same as (a); (d) you are right.

> I've made those changes, as well as fixed an infinite loop in
> AbstractRedirect.newName().


> While checking the code, I also came across what appears to be an error in
> AbstractRedirect getRecipients() and getTo().  Both of those are 
> supposed to
> accept a list, and do.  However, if the first element is one of 
> the special
> addresses, only that element is processed.  And if a special element other
> than as the first element, it will not be treated as a special address.
> I have not made gotten to that code, so if someone else wants to give it a
> go right now, please do.

I'll do all this in the changes I'm right now applying.


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