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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: [Fwd: Your Mail has been Quarantined: Re: new InputStream class for mail data]
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 18:48:33 GMT
> I am getting a message such as the following each time I post email to
> this list of James developers.

I've gotten it, too.  It appears to be an anti-spam measure that the person
installed.  At least the code is smart enough to bounce to the individual,
and not the list.

Basically, it sends you a notice, which means that you have to have used a
valid address.  When you get it, you need to click on the link.  That
completes the circuit.  Then it will remember you for that sender.  It
requires spammers to use lots of real mailboxes, and just makes things
marginally more difficult for them.

It is an interesting application that someone could consider building into
James, actually.  You'd want a quarantine repository (like a long term
spooler), something in a web server or within james to maintain the approved
list, and a matcher that checked against it.

Could be part of James for free, and is not a bad idea at all.

Who wants to play?  :-)

	--- Noel

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