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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject Problems with AbstractRedirect and Forward handling
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 05:27:48 GMT
I have been doing some testing, and come across a problem with the Forward
mailet with the parameter: <forwardTo>postmaster</forwardTo>.

The mailet is attempting to create a MailAddress object, failing because
there is no domain (nor do we do special address translation), logging an
error and continuing.  Unfortunately, this means that Forward will then
forward to an empty recipient list, resulting in the message disappearing
into the bit bucket.

  (a) Forward should probably understand postmaster and sender
  (b) If there is a failure to init any entry in the recipient
      list, we should throw an exception.
  (d) Forward should require a recipient list.  There is no
      point to having a null recipient list.

The issue with (b) is that if we simply discard the entry, then we wouldn't
even put a copy of the message in the error spool.  It simply disappears.

I've made those changes, as well as fixed an infinite loop in

While checking the code, I also came across what appears to be an error in
AbstractRedirect getRecipients() and getTo().  Both of those are supposed to
accept a list, and do.  However, if the first element is one of the special
addresses, only that element is processed.  And if a special element other
than as the first element, it will not be treated as a special address.

I have not made gotten to that code, so if someone else wants to give it a
go right now, please do.

	--- Noel

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