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From Levent Guendogdu <l.guendo...@feature-it.com>
Subject RE: Multiple Realm Functionality / Virtual Mail Servers
Date Sat, 02 Aug 2003 08:23:37 GMT

> I have a custom implementation, which covers all your requirements, except
> SMTP authentication for virtual domains. It works fine for me for several
> months, already.
mhhh - yummy ;)

> 1. I nevered tried it with file type repositories, although in theory it
> should work;
Guess so, too. When the abstraction is well defined, this should work.

> 2. In order to extend certain James services, during compilation time I'm
> redeclaring some private members in original james classes to public. This
> means, that you should recompile everything from scratch, whenever a new
> James release is available. It is not possible just to get James binaries
> and add my extension jars to lib dirs... And of course, if for some reason
> my extensions are not compatible with future James releases, you should wait
> for me to fix them :)
<nice-meant-flame>Hm.. I'm not sure if I like that ;) First of all, why
did you declare the members of classes to be public? When you need
access to special data inside some objects, it would be "wiser" to
declare access functions. Because now, you may alter those members from
anywhere in the code, making it difficult for others to read or to find
bugs. In an OO Design, please use methods to alter members of

I am very interested about your approach and how it works. Could you say
a little more of how you did the actual implementation and which way you
took? And especially: why is the SMTP auth. for virtual domains missing?

> I may send you either sources, or compiled james.sar. In second case it
> would be enough just to replace your original james.sar and apply
> appropriate changes in config.xml.
If you don't mind, a diff to some "official version" would be very very


> Hi all,
> am I correct that handling virtual realms is not possible with James? I
> need that functionality very badly and I have the weekend to do some
> work on it. Has there been any discussion about it, yet? Since I'm new
> to the list I don't have any archive to search trough, so I can't tell
> if there's been any discussion about a good way to start the
> implementation.
> >From what I can tell so far work needs to be done in two areas:
> 1) The repositories: store mails for  different domains in different
> repositories. This should be quite easy to accomplish since you can
> already define multiple repositories and only need to give them
> different names.
> 2) The services: POP3, SMTP...
> These are based on user information and authentication. Work has to be
> done to make those services recognize different realms and use the user
> information accordingly. AFAIK these services always use the
> "LocalUsers" repository.
> Am I correct, so far?
> Thanks for any pointers, suggestions or flames ;)
> Bye,
>  Lev.

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