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From Kenny Smith <james-l...@journalscape.com>
Subject [PATCH] JDBCVirtualUserTable - One-to-Many Mapping, Flexible SQL
Date Sun, 24 Aug 2003 06:53:04 GMT
Hello all,

I made this change sometime late last year but never submitted it. :/ 
Any suggestions or design considerations are welcome. I focused on a 
working solution as opposed to the most efficient, elegant solution so 
it probably could be better.

The two major features included in the patch are:

1) One to Many Mapping - I've changed the destination address field to 
be a TEXT field instead of a VARCHAR so that it can contain multiple 
addresses (separated by \n). The payload of the TEXT field is split on 
\n, each element is trimmed and then the mail is delivered to the 
resulting address.

2) Flexible SQL - Previously, the parameters bound into the query were 
hardcoded so the possibilities for what kind of query to use were 
highly limited. This change allows the mailet configuration to declare 
what params are bound in what order (user and host parameters only).  
Obviously, the possible queries are still limited because you can only 
bind user and host, but this improves the flexibility a great deal.

Again, any suggestions, criticism, questions are all welcome.

Kenny Smith

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