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From "Kervin L. Pierre" <ker...@blueprintinc.com>
Subject Re: IMAP Development Pointers
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 21:02:32 GMT

Edward Flick wrote:
> In fact I was under the impression that INBOX is a reserved folder name,


> that it should always be there, and you are not allowed to create
> subfolders of it.  

You are allowed.

> Anyway, the mail servers I am familiar with do place INBOX at the same
> left as Sent, Draft, and whatever other top level folders you might have
> rather than nesting everything under INBOX.  

I believe that it is up to the client that is making those mailboxes.  I 
use mozilla, and it creates those mailboxes under the INBOX mailbox.

Here is some hierarchy of multiple mailboxes on my cyrus imap server

user.kervin.Trash@kervin.net (\HasNoChildren)
user.kervin.lists.james@blueprintinc.com (\HasNoChildren)
user.kervin.lists@blueprintinc.com (\HasChildren)
user.kervin@blueprintinc.com (\HasChildren)
user.kervin@kervin.net (\HasChildren)

Cyrus appends the user's domain name at the end of every mailbox for 
virtual server support.


Kervin Pierre



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