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From Kris Bravo <kris.br...@corridor-software.us>
Subject Re: IMAP Development Pointers
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 22:39:26 GMT
Ed and Noel,

You can still consider me in for working on parts of the IMAP 
implementation. I've been buried on a political tracking tool since last 
poking around in the existing experimental code. The only other 
experience I have with James beyond just using the server was to have 
wrote my own EJB user repository to tie it into some other services. So 
be gentle.

I'll get a fresh copy of the codebase from cvs tonight so I can see what 
the heck you guys are talking about :) My original need for IMAP was to 
tie into Squirrel Mail and give myself web access, but I worked around 
it using jwebmail with the Bibop theme. Squirrel still looks like a 
better choice to me, so the need is still there (only works with IMAP, 
not POP3).


Noel J. Bergman wrote:

>Other people who have expressed interest in contributing to IMAP are
>   Kris Bravo 
>   Joe Cheng 
>   Maxwell Grender-Jones 
>   Nawwar Kasrawi 
>   Christian Myrvold 
>   Sascha Kulawik 
>   Kenny Smith 
>   Peter Svensson 
>And that is just this year.  All it takes to do it is to do it.  With Jason
>contributing help on the store changes, if just a few people would take the
>reins on IMAP, it could really pick up.  Hopefully Darrell could spare some
>time to bring people up to speed.
>Jason, if the change to "user.folder" is made, then we can use, but don't
>even need maildir, since the string is just a simple key.  The hierarchy is
>a bit of fiction at the moment.  I mention this because IMAP may benefit
>from having mail attributes, which are supported by the existing JDBC and
>file-system repository formats, but not by the new mbox and planned maildir
>So I believe that:
>  file://var/mail/inboxes/ --> file://var/mail/inboxes/noel (inbox)
>  file://var/mail/inboxes/ --> file://var/mail/inboxes/noel.aFolder
>  db[file]://maildb/inbox/ --> db[file]://maildb/inbox/noel (inbox)
>  db[file]://maildb/inbox/ --> db[file]://maildb/inbox/noel.aFolder
>  mbox:///var/mail/        --> mbox:///var/mail/noel        (inbox)
>  mbox:///var/mail/        --> mbox:///var/mail/noel.aFolder
>Is that what you had in mind?  I am not showing a change.  I am showing how
>the current code would map the repository name, which is the portion
>appended on the right-hand side.
>	--- Noel

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