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From "Danny Angus" <da...@apache.org>
Subject RE: probably bug in LocalDelivery
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 09:07:00 GMT

> Have recently changed a bunch of things related to DNS, MX records, and
> the configuration and location of my local james installation.  In this
> process I've managed to establish an error condition and on
> investigation I've located a possible bug in the LocalDelivery mailet
> (James HEAD).

Ah yes, there may well be a bug in there, I de-coupled the local-delivery
mailet from the global "inbox" specification in order that we could support
delivery to several "inbox" repositories. It's too long ago to recall
exactly how much of the work I comitted, but read on..

This was done in order to support virtual hosting, whereby several instances
of local delivery could be created, each using a different repository and
their inputs filtered by domain. Resulting in per-domain "inboxes", an
essential prerequisite of vhosting.

The local delivery mailet should use the global value if a local one isn't
defined, looks to me like it doesn't.

(For completeness the rest of the work was to involve additional
configurations for pop3 which could:
EITHER specify inbox specifications mapped to bound IP addresses, for IP
based vhosting,
OR  specify that the user would log-in with user@domain as their username
and that the domain part would map to an inbox, for name based vhosting,
OR the global inbox specification would be used for default no vhost as it
does at present.)


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