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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: IMAP Development Pointers
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 22:53:45 GMT

Other people who have expressed interest in contributing to IMAP are

   Kris Bravo <kris.bravo@corridor-software.us>
   Joe Cheng <code@joecheng.com>
   Maxwell Grender-Jones <MGrenderJones@email.com>
   Nawwar Kasrawi <nawwar@kasrawi.com>
   Christian Myrvold <christian@myrvold.info>
   Sascha Kulawik <SKulawik@kkfnet.de>
   Kenny Smith <kenny@journalscape.com>
   Peter Svensson <peter@sunfire.nu>

And that is just this year.  All it takes to do it is to do it.  With Jason
contributing help on the store changes, if just a few people would take the
reins on IMAP, it could really pick up.  Hopefully Darrell could spare some
time to bring people up to speed.

Jason, if the change to "user.folder" is made, then we can use, but don't
even need maildir, since the string is just a simple key.  The hierarchy is
a bit of fiction at the moment.  I mention this because IMAP may benefit
from having mail attributes, which are supported by the existing JDBC and
file-system repository formats, but not by the new mbox and planned maildir

So I believe that:

  file://var/mail/inboxes/ --> file://var/mail/inboxes/noel (inbox)
  file://var/mail/inboxes/ --> file://var/mail/inboxes/noel.aFolder
  db[file]://maildb/inbox/ --> db[file]://maildb/inbox/noel (inbox)
  db[file]://maildb/inbox/ --> db[file]://maildb/inbox/noel.aFolder
  mbox:///var/mail/        --> mbox:///var/mail/noel        (inbox)
  mbox:///var/mail/        --> mbox:///var/mail/noel.aFolder

Is that what you had in mind?  I am not showing a change.  I am showing how
the current code would map the repository name, which is the portion
appended on the right-hand side.

	--- Noel

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