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From Soeren Hilmer <soren.hil...@tietoenator.com>
Subject RemoteDelivery progressively increasing delay-time
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2003 08:14:13 GMT

I have been thinking about extending RemoteDelivery to take a list of 

Something like:
<delayTime> 600 </delayTime>
<delayTime> 1600000 </delayTime>
<delayTime> 21600000 </delayTime>
<delayTime> 21600000 </delayTime>

The purpose being that I have often observed that when a server does not reply 
it often replys just after (probably due to some timeout on the first 
request). The proposed change will thus allow one to progressively degrade 
one's faith in the mail ever getting delivered.

If the method is used the maxRetries of course will not have effect.

Should I go ahead with such a patch?


Søren Hilmer, M.Sc.
R&D manager		Phone:	+45 70 27 64 00
TietoEnator IT+ A/S	Fax:	+45 70 27 64 40
Ved Lunden 12		Direct:	+45 87 46 64 57
DK-8230 Åbyhøj		Email:	soren.hilmer@tietoenator.com

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