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From "Jens A. Jensen" <...@swt.dk>
Subject Re: What the EU OSS migration guidelines say about JAMES
Date Sat, 25 Oct 2003 20:51:19 GMT

It seems that the entire text of my previous message disappeared 
mysteriously. Here goes again.

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> Keep in mind that sysadms configure stuff over the line, GUIs are 
> useless in those cases. Even more: if you tell a sysadm that he/she 
> has to use a GUI to configure something, he/she would not even 
> consider using it. 


Please try to run the attached GUI front end to the Remote Manager and 
then tell me how you think this compares to using the 'raw' telnet 

You run the jar file this way:

- Ensure that you have James at least 2.2.0a12 running on *localhost*
- Invoke the program on *localhost* by typing 'java -jar jaa.jar' on you 
favorite command line.

The code is still at beta level but otherwise fully functional. No 
source code will be delivered, though, until I have finished the 
program. I then plan to release the source under the ASL.

As others have remarked, this is *not* the way James should be 
administered. We need an API and we need JMX. But for now the Remote 
Manager (TTT - The Telnet Thing) is all we have, and I have built this 
GUI interface because I need a somewhat more managable user interface 
than the bare command line for my customers and for my teaching.

The java files were compiled with Sun's JDK 1.4.2. The testing was done 
against James version 2.2.0a12 through -a15. For version 2.1.3 and 
earlier you cannot handle aliases and forwarding destinations (my telnet 
client is - of course - extremely dependent on the capabilities of the 
Remote Manager.)

Have fun,

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