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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: James & OpenIM story? (next move?)
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2003 01:57:51 GMT
> Should we wait for Merlin 3.1 featuring JMX & extended logging?
> (BTW I could help Steve on this task to boost the release cycle)

Is your code unable to run with Phoenix?  As Stephen is wont to say, we
should try to be container agnostic.

> Or could we start thinking about a common user base?
> How about something like a cornerstone user manager?

The major problem that I have with a Cornerstone User Manager is that
nothing in Avalon is a standard in any way.  We will not expose Avalon APIs
via the Mailet API in James v3.  The planned direction is standards-based
using, for example, JNDI.  Using a common standard, when it is a good one
and matches well, offers significant benefits.  You can already see other
Java platforms, e.g., Tomcat and BEA WebLogic converging on JNDI + JAAS as
the standard interface.

I have only been looking at the AAA RFCs (http://www.aaaarch.org/) for a few
weeks, but do agree with Alex and Vincent that AAA + JNDI looks a good
route.  Sun, as you may be aware, participated in the AAA RFCs, and I am
curious to see what comes out of the JCP.

My point being that Avalon ought to be focused on container implementation,
and such code as is necessary to provide IoC/SoC on top of standard
components where appropriate.  Wherever possible, standard frameworks should
be adopted.

It does appear that there are multiple people interested in this work, so
that's a good thing.

	--- Noel

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