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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: Merging plan (was Build process in maven?)
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2003 20:23:50 GMT
>>> So to just get to a merged 3.0 release, we could do the following
>> Are you proposing that what is currently v2.2.0 test builds be
>> released as v3?
> Err, no... I mean merge from a codebase perspective, not overwrite.
> Feature-wise, I don't believe there is much in 3.0 that isn't in 2.2.

IMAP.  Jason is working on changes to use the current repository technology
with a naming convention for folders.  User attributes.  A lot of the reall
advanced things listed can be deferred.  We do have a better mailing list
manager now, but not quite as full featured as we would want.  Its primary
benefit is that it provides a framework for adding features, and that's
really good.

My question was basically whether people wanted to call the next release,
which is currently v2.2, v3.

> I think that will be messy since there has been so much changes on each,
> but I don't have a better suggestion.  grunt grunt grunt.

Danny contributed the Mailet API changes.  Stephen did the Avalon changes.
Other than that, I think I committed most of the changes to MAIN.  And I
kept them in since until sometime this summer, IIRC.  I don't know of any
features present in MAIN that are not in v2.

> This really could expose our Archiles heel though, which is a lack of
> adequate testing to make sure the merged version works well.  Have we
> made any progress/thoughts on how to automate testing?

Unless I'm wrong, the major difference is picking up the updated Avalon
parts and making the interface changes, both of which have been tested in
use by Stephen.  Am I missing anything?

As for formal testing, we still don't have much.  Bench and live testing,
basically.  For example, when I get home, I'll test Soren's patch by setting
up a schedule, and sending mail to a dead gateway.  I don't know what Avalon
has done in terms of facilitating component testing.  Stephen and Steve
might want to talk about incorporating BSF with Merlin to allow BSF scripts
to drive tests.

	--- Noel

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